Foam packaging

Perfectly fitting protective packaging solution directly at the packing station.



FOAMplus® foam packaging is a high-quality protective packaging solution that adapts to the contours of the product and protects your goods against possible transit damage due to impact shock and vibration. Whether they're heavy, fragile or awkward shapes FOAMplus® offers the protection required for your product. Made from expanded polyurethane, the high-quality packaging foam is resistant, robust and thanks to it being light weight, reduces transport costs. With the FOAMplus Bag Packer² and Hand Packer² foam dispensing systems, protective foam packaging can be produced directly at the packing station and placed into the carton. As the foam expands it moulds to the contours of the product and encapsulates it in a highly versatile packaging medium. FOAMplus® is available in a range of strengths to suit a product’s weight and fragility. FOAMplus®, polyurethane foam packaging  is an ‘on demand’ packaging solution that, when the two components mix together, will expand up to 250 times their liquid volume negating the necessity for large storage area’s required for pre-fabricated packaging.



FOAMplus® 5504R

  • Packaging foam made partly from polyol, a raw material from recycled polyurethane
  • Waste and leftover polyurethane from manufacturing or consumers are processed at recycling facilities in order to produce polyol
  • FOAMplus® 5540R has similar properties to the base material and can be used to produce high-quality protective packaging
  • It weighs just 4.2 kilograms per cubic meter
  • It is suitable for lightweight shipping goods and reliably fills voids



  • Effective: Extremely impact-resistant, high cushioning
  • Superior foam quality: Equal cushioning with up to 40 percent less material used than alternative foam packaging systems
  • Robust: Effective for very heavy articles or items with sharp edges
  • Individual: Adapts to the contours of the product during hardening
  • Universal: Protects articles of almost all dimensions, shapes and weights
  • Versatile: Void fill, block and brace or cushion as required
  • Space saving: On-demand systems for minimum storage




FOAMplus® foam packaging and the corresponding production process is designed to reduce the use of natural resources. During transport, the lightweight packaging also helps reduce fuel consumption.

FOAMplus® foam packaging can be reused for multiple shipments of the same products.

Post-consumer or production waste from FOAMplus® foam packaging can replace primary raw materials: Within the general waste flow, FOAMplus® foam is an outstanding fuel for modern waste-combustion plants producing energy from waste



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