Why use unitPAC?

Because You Won't Find Better Packaging Solution!
We are offering innovative solutions of packaging for products that are shipped by post. (e-commerce; books, catalogues, bottles and other items that need a special care, spare parts, etc.), and at least two aspects are important:
  • Excellent user experience
  • Safe delivery.


We do not want to attract attention because its not what good packaging is about. It is about funtionality and foucs on the details - self-sealing, tear open strip, reinforced edges, packing speed, and optimized weights and postal sharges - for well made products that you can rely on to send "real" things on a safe journey from here to there. 


Let's expose

  • Wide range of products for innovative and safe delivery of shipments.
  • We deliver small and big quantities. Always on stock.
  • First class quality without any compromisses - 100% quality.
  • Easy, Fast, Secure, Selef-sealing solution.
  • Individual solutions - Give your shipping packaging a personal touch. Inner and outside printing with a flexo or offset technology.
  • Quick base boxes optimised for pallet transportation.


Cardboard Packaging: An Environmental Solution

As individuals we can’t solve the problem of pollution, but we can choose to take steps that reduce our environmental impact.

Put away plastic packaging, Reduce waste, Recycle!

Our ColomPac boxes are produced Climate neutral!